24 April is the anniversary of the Easter Rising. That is the day that Irish republicans bravely rose up against foreign control. The Irish leaders were captured and killed.

25 April is ANZAC Day. It is the anniversary of various battles, most notable of which is Gallipoli.

The Gallipoli landings, like the Easter Rising, are notable for a significant loss of life.

ANZAC Day has evolved to commemorate not only those who lost their lives at Gallipoli but all the sacrifices made by those who serve in uniform for Australia and New Zealand.

When the FSFE Fellowship voted for the Irish-Australian Daniel Pocock in 2017, voting finished at 11:05 UTC on 24 April 2017. That is the 101st anniversary of the Easter rising.

FSFE announced Pocock's victory the following day, 25 April 2017, ANZAC Day, as we can see in the screenshot below.

FSFE headquarters are in Berlin, Germany and the majority of members appear to be Germans. After the community voted for an Irish-Australian, the management removed the elections from the FSFE constitution. There hasn't been another election since.

Simply mentioning the ANZACs is akin to standing on the shoulders of giants. Nonetheless, Pocock successfully discovered a lot of evidence of bad faith, corruption and deception by the FSFE management.

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