6 June 2024 was the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings (Operation Overlord) from 6 June 1944. D-Day was the beginning of the end for the German fascists.

Hitler's propaganda department had to work really hard to ensure the German soldiers continued fighting and the German citizens continue going to work in their factories every day. In other words, even if Hitler couldn't defend the territory, he had to defend the hearts and minds of those under the Nazi spell.

What did German news reports show the public on the day of the D-Day landings and the subsequent days? According to reports, they reused old stock footage from battles where Germans were successful:

German propaganda delighted in showing images of immense gun emplacements, guarded by grim Aryan-looking soldiers straight out of central casting. In fact, though, German newsreels often showed the same shot again and again: the Lindemann Battery at Cap Gris Nez on the coast, with its three 406mm guns.

Coincidentally, the countries of the European Union are conducting elections for the European Parliament between 6 and 9 June 2024. There are concerns that fascist groups will use these elections to recover some of the ground that was lost by Hitler eighty years ago this week.

Oddly, the rise of fascism in Europe has been facillitated by social media technology created by American companies such as Twitter and Facebook.

Social media algorithms put each individual user into a silo where they see the views of people who agree with them. The algorithms take people to extremes of the left or extremes of the right and snuff out moderate center viewpoints.

The well known Debian Developer Daniel Pocock is a candidate in the European elections. The new Debian Project Leader is a German, Andreas Tille, who was elected on 20 April, the birthday of Adolf Hitler.

The Debian constitution describes an autocracy. The constitution tells us that the Debian Project Leader is personally responsible for decisions and communications. Therefore, we can hold Herr Tille responsible for the publication of insults and defamation.

Under the leadership of Herr Tille, we see the same tactics as those used by the propaganda department in the Third Reich. Just as the Nazis re-used the same stock footage of German soldiers defending their positions, Debian infrastructure is now being used for repeat attacks on a single volunteer, Daniel Pocock.

What is the objective of these defamation and insult attacks on volunteers? Do they want volunteers/victims to commit suicide, as in the previous members of the Debian Suicide Cluster?